Hi so I’ve looking over this documentation and there really is not much here. What is the best way to use if I am trying to have a client send my particle a list of integers and then have the particle store the list of integers within a variable?

Eventually I want to get these integers sent into some sort of array.


There is a lot more a bit further up in the docs about TCPClient tho’

But if you want to send and receive an array of integers you first need to understand how integers are stored in memory and how they get packed into an array.
Then you can use the second overload of TCPClient::read() which takes two parameters and is documented too.

It’s all there when you know the basics and how to apply them.

The documentation of one function can’t always reiterate all the basics and all possible use-cases. Things need to be presumed to be clear in order to build ontop of.

Just as a side note of a private individual who is not employed by Particle: If you want to get actual support, it might be wise not to open the request with a statment that may be perceived as putting blame on the alleged lack of documentation, when the problem is rather to be sought a bit closer.
It’s just not going to fly well that way :wink: