Using Argon (3rd gen device) to control bluetooth light bulb

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I have been looking at Bluetooth-enabled lights (as opposed to Wifi ones), and was wondering if anyone has been able to control them directly with an Argon (or other 3rd gen device)? To see what I’m referencing,

Each type of these lights have an app to control them, but I thought it would be great to control them directly with Particle via Bluetooth, in part because one could them control multiple devices / vendors, etc. I’d experimented a little with simple examples from the Particle Bluetooth documentation, which leads me to think each vendor might not release specifics about interacting their devices.


These light use proprietory (AFAICT non-open) protocols - probably to hinder solutions like yours.
However, for MagicLight there is a (non-Particle focused) project that should provide some info to get you started

For Philips Hue the bluetooth protocol seems to be somewhat less forthcoming and a quick browse didn’t really bring up any pure Bluetooth hits but mainly ZigBee/WiFi/Homebridge topics.


Thanks @ScruffR I was worried that they were closed like that.

I did find out that Philips Hue is sort of open. It looks like it allows you to use their cloud system and make REST calls. However I don’t think there is Bluetooth API info