Pairing Argon with BLE device

I would like to pair an Argon or Xenon with a BLE device that can then control the Particle device. In my specific case I have a BLE that would be in a car or on a bike, and when approaching the garage, would connect with the Particle device automatically and I would be able to press a button on the peripheral device to execute a function on the Particle device, i.e. open the garage door.

Another application would be a phone app with the same functionality, for instance switching on a light with a button press on the phone. In that case the Particle device would have to be paired with the phone.

How would I do that?


You may want to look at this tutorial and the related examples.

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Hi Scruffr, yes, I checked those examples before posting, of course. I got some of the working.

I am not a hardened coder and I couldn’t find my envisioned use case in the examples and I was hoping to get some help here.

I basically want an external LTE device to pair (manually) with my Argon. Then I want to be able to execute functions on the Argon when I press buttons on the external device, for instance. So I want to control the Argon from the external device.

This sounds you want guidance on how to (also) write an app to run on a third party device. But this is not in the focus of this forum.
We can help with the Particle side, but that would only be one side of the equaion.
The other part (e.g. Android, iOS, …) is beyond the scope here and is probably best asked in a dedicated support group for these platforms.
There are generic BLE 3rd party apps which allow you to connect and test the Particle side (e.g. nRF Connect, BlueFruit, …) tho’.

Also just mentioning “a BLE device” without actually telling what device that would be limits how focused any advice given can be.