Using an Argon as a Mesh Endpoint

I have two particle Argon boards, and I need to use one as a mesh endpoint. I saw a post in this forum saying that Argons cannot be configured as endpoints. However, this was back in 2018. I’m wondering whether this functionality has been added yet?

Thanks in advance.

You can now use the particle mesh add command to assign an Argon to an existing network but that will cause the Argon to behave like a Xenon.

Thank you for the info!

How can I issue this command? Through the CLI?

Uhm, yes - I thought the command particle was stating exactly that (CLI == particle)

Right. Thanks again!

I’m sorry for asking obvious questions, I got the boards two days ago. Still pretty new to this.

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Nothing to be sorry about :wink:
Not knowing is no shame when one is willing to learn - we all had to start some time :+1:

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