userFunction called by a Spark?

Small question. On the documentation i saw that:

If you implement a function called userFunction() in your embedded code, you can trigger it from the API by including the “message” key in your POST data. The value of the “message” key will be passed as the string argument to your function.

I was wondering if a Spark can call this userfunction to all spark devices in the group (or individual).
For instance: triggerUserFunction(“BEEP”,“Group1”); //All devices on group 1 have userFunction() called and they start to beep.

If not, is there any spark core communication based on wifi available?

Thank :slight_smile:

Hi @jflecool2 - you will definitely be able to do what you’re looking to do, but we’re actually changing the API pretty substantially to make it easier to do stuff like this. We’ll hopefully be publishing the new API in a couple of weeks!

I am eagerly waiting for the API documentation, I really hope it gets released soon!

Live now! Kickstarter update coming tonight.