Expected result of Spark.function() when not connected

Hi All,

What happens if I create a cloud API function with Spark.function() when not connected? Will the API function get created later once the spark core connects for the first time?

I think for now you need to explicitly call them in your firmware when the core is online using some conditional statements.

The next firmware update will register the functions and variables when the device goes online.

I.e. under normal firmware where the device goes online first upon powering up, setup() which contains the function/variable lines will execute and register with the :cloud:.

If the core doesn’t go online uppn powering up, you need to call the functions/variables when the device is online :slight_smile:

Thanks! That makes sense.

This would also look great on the wishlist: http://community.spark.io/t/core-wont-connect-in-manual-mode/9817/7?u=matt_ri