Useing Particle E series in a humid environment


I have been using the Particle E Series industrial IoT Evaluation kit for quite some time, and I recently deployed it in a very humid environment (RH-90%) and I have started facing trouble ever since. It sometimes stops giving out signal and starts again after thorough cleaning and drying. Can anyone suggest a way to avoid this failure? I have tried using conformal spray on it, but that didn’t work very well.

The modem datasheet discourages conformal coating - this can interfere with the modem and impede the RF performance.

Operation in humid environments is best done in an IP rated enclosure with either venting to prevent condensation, or desiccant to capture it.

Interesting… do you know if this is the same concern for Particle Boron? I personally conformally coat the Particle Boron: Conformal Coating a Gen3 Device - #5 by jgskarda I didn’t notice any negative side affects but also did not do any scientific experiment on improved/degraded signal strength/quality before and after conformal coating.

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My personal experience is similar to @jgskarda 's for Borons.
I feel that a Conformal coating is required for long term service if the project experiences temperature swings in a humid environment. Actually, I was forced to use all 3 (good enclosure, desiccant, and coating).

A sealed enclosure can work if you can ensure the enclosure temperature doesn’t change, but that’s very project specific.

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Yes, it’s the same modem.

You can get away with it, depending on the viscosity of the coating. But caution is recommended.

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