Use safe-mode-updater for Electrons not part of a product?

After flashing firmware that requires an updated system firmware to an Electron that is part of a product, the cloud starts updating system firmware with something called “safe-mode-updater”.

This is a really cool tool for updating electrons!

Is it possible to use this for Electrons that are not part of a product?

It currently isn’t implemented for non-products, but you can flash the system parts manually OTA. It might get implemented some time in the future, but no guarantees on that one :wink:

In case someone else comes here looking for something similar, feel free to use:

Disclaimer: this is only lightly tested and will use a ton of data if you either update a bunch of devices or encounter some bug I have not foreseen. Use at your own risk!

On another note, all the data provided from safe mode is pretty interesting.