System firmware upgrade during firmware update

I have a very small fleet of Particle Electron devices running under a product. They were all running system firmware 0.7-rc.7. Yesterday, I released a new version of the user firmware with 0.7.0 as the target system. All the devices updated successfully to 0.7.0 and they are running the latest version of the firmware.

Today, I tried adding new devices to my product that are running 0.7-rc.7. The devices seem to download the new user firmware but they do not seem to upgrade to 0.7.0. Once the firmware update is complete, they seem to enter safe mode. I had to manually update the system firmware 0.7.0.

Why would the devices stop updating their system firmware? I did not upload a new firmware version. The setup remains the same. Any comments on troubleshooting this problem is appreciated.

The process you used was correct, however there was a problem with the safe mode healer service, which is what upgrades the system firmware for devices when needed. That’s why the upgrade did not occur. If you reset your device now now, it should get the update.

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