USB serial ports gone missing with V0.5.0 update

Updated 2 Photons and 2 Sparkfun P1’s to V0.5.0 using dfu-util and USB cable.
Used zadig_2.2 to assign libusbK (v3.0.7.0) drivers to “Photon DFU mode”.

“P1 with WiFi” and “Photon with WiFi” left at WinUSB (v6.1.7600.16385).

None of these devices now presents a serial port when connected via USB in normal (not DFU) mode.
Windows Device Manager sees both P1 and Photons under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” as as “Photon with WiFi”

Ports (COM & LPT) shows none of them.

Tried multiple cables, Particle parts and USB ports. Rebooted PC. No joy.

Otherwise, the parts seem to function normally. I can program them and send stuff to the cloud etc. Just no serial port. Makes it really, really hard to debug that way


Tried re-installing serial drivers for P1 - and that works!