USB Serial Port Assignment

In earlier versions of the firmware, when connecting new P1’s to the computer the USB serial Port assignment would always remain the same. This made it easier to mass flash devices.

With the newer version of firmware every new P1 connected to USB serial the com port always changes to a newly assigned one.

I am wondering if anything can be done to make it have a static port for all newly connected P1s etc.

That is something your OS does.
For Windows there is a workaround for that but I’d suggest to use DFU Mode for uploading binaries anyhow.

Thanks, I’ll check out your link, I do upload using DFU but I use the USB 14400 baud to get into DFU mode, so this causes every new P1 to have to update the port. Its a little annoying but not a show stopper.

I just did the regedit and seems to be working. Thanks!

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