USB host to USB host data logger

Hello everyone,

Is there any data logger available which can take input from photon usb and store data in usb drive?

I searched it but most of data logger available with RS232 to USB and serial to USB but not found any with USB host to USB data logger so by just some track change in my P1 h/w and i can connect Host circuit externally by connector.

Thank you.

Regarding to @scruffR from this post (which is related to Photon) USB host mode is not supported I guess this counts to P1 as well.

You could try this device and connect to photon via serial - it will store on SD card and if plugged into a PC will appear as USB connected flash drive …

Hi @shanevanj,

Thank you. This device looks like for serial connection with particle but i do not have any extra uart available on particle and also currently i require to add option with minimum or no change in board so i thought if USB host to USB drive data logger available in market then i can connect it with usb of particle directly and other side usb stick.