USB communtion between 2 Photons

Does anyone know if its possible to communicate between the P1 and Electron through USB? Is there already existing support for this?

Or this could also be Photon to Photon communication using the USB?

Hi @wesner0019

There is work ongoing in the community for Photon USB Host mode (called on-the-go in USB-land). Search for a thread here to see that work. There are software issues but also you need to think about how to power the devices.

I think you will find it much easier to just use Serial1 on both devices. Connect TX to RX and vice versa and away you go.

Thanks, @bko, for my current application it isnt possible to use Serial1. Is there a separate IC that can be used to act as a USB host controller?

Hi @wesner0019

I do think the Photon software effort to make host mode work is pretty close if you can wait a bit.

If not, you could try the MAX3421 for which Sparkfun sells a board here:

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@bko, thanks, I am really needing this for the electron not for the P1 so I have some time. Iā€™m assuming the Electron will have this feature too