Programming Photon as a USB Device

Hello All,

I have just started working on Photon. I would like to use Photon as follows:
I have an embedded system with LPC17xx. I have set its USB port in HOST mode. I would like to connect Photon to this port in Device mode. This way LPC17xx can send read and write commands to Photon.

I tried going through documentation and searching on forum but haven’t yet figured out a way to do this. I can’t use the USB Serial port as won’t have that driver on LPC side.

Has anyone done something similar? Can you point me to an example or give me any pointers on this?


If you can’t use USB CDC, what USB profile would you be thinking of for communication?
Why not have the devices communicate over an interface meant for inter controler communication?

I would like to implement Photon as a Mass Storage device.
I can’t use other inter controller communications as from my side LPC17xx is a black box system with only USB port accessible.

USB MSD profile once was a feature request but has been put on hold