How to use the STM32f205 USB in photon as a USB MSC device or a USB Audio_speaker device?

Hi, Photon has several functions such as DFU ,USB serial when connecting over USB. Now I want to use photon as a USB mass_storage or a audio_speaker. We known STM32 USB could be different USB device,when we change it’s class. Is there any library to realize that? Thanks.

That has been requested a while ago but been put on hold

USB HID support has been added tho’

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thanks@ScruffR! Is there any particle library app to transfer data from photon to PC via the USB?

Nothing other than the inbuilt Serial.write() (and it’s siblings), but that should do the job just fine.
And on the PC side you could use PuTTY or even the command line to funnel the data into a file.