Logging USB Serial data

Does anyone know of a way to capture the Serial data outputted to the USB port directly abother device that logs to a SD card?

Instead of connecting a laptop to capture all of the Serial data, I’d like to somehow log directly to a SD card but still via the USB port.

The USB serial port on a Photon/Electron/Mesh device is a USB device, that can only connect to a USB host, like a computer. It can’t be directly connected to another device, like a USB SD card reader.

You can, however, directly connect a SD card reader to a Photon/Electron/Mesh device by SPI and write logs directly to that.


Right, I know that. I was hoping theirs a device available that can emulate a USB host and thus capture the serial data to SD card. In theory, it should be possible.

I would use a Raspberry Pi. It’s a USB host and it has a SD card.

That’s a good idea.

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