Uploading the code

I am new to spark and able to connect it with my mob app but I am not able to do the coding procedure or load it due to which I get incorrect reading while using temp sensor

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.
You are unable to load code, but do get a reading from the sensor?
How do you get that value?
How do you program the Core (web IDE/CLI)?
What exactly is going wrong?
And lastly, would you mind posting your code, so we can make sure there isn’t a problem with that? Please take a look at the “forum tips and tricks” so you know how to post that properly.

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Sir i first connected tmp36 to the A0 port of the core and selected as analog read and at once i got a reading as78 and varied uptill 85. when i disconnected the reading plug from the port it showed around 220. now what is this 78 to 85 reading is it degrees or celcius. i am complitely unaware of code uploading procedure do you have any video presentation of code uploading.

Programming the core via the Web IDE is simply done by pressing the flash icon on the top left corner.

When the core is downloading code, it will be blinking magenta and eventually flash magenta rapidly. After that, the core will restart and run the new code.

Have you played around with the Spark IDE? Do try out the examples and read http://docs.spark.io to familiarise yourself :slight_smile:

First things first; may I ask what your experience is prior to the Spark Core, concerning electronics/microcontrollers?
If you take a look at the description of the tmp36 from Sparkfun for example, you’ll notice that the output is a voltage, which scales linearly with the temperature in degrees Celsius. This means that the output you got (those 75~ish values) will have to be converted in order to represent the actual temperature. This has already been done for you in the example on the documentation page. If you follow that, you should be able to get a correct reading.
To make it easier, you could use this awesome service which will save you the trouble of having to use CURL, and will allow you to simply click a button to collect a variable.
Please try this, and let us know if it worked for you.