[Solved] Problems with TMP35

Hello guys,
I am using for a project your example sketch for temperature sensor (tmp35).
The problem is that i am getting whole time wrong values.
I tried different temperature sensors and two different spark cores
The problem is the same.
Here are the values I received.

Have you done the wiring as shown in the docs page and copy pasted the code from there?

If so, this might be the cause.
The wiring uses A0 and the code A7 - that’s a trap for Copy-Pasters :wink: :grin: -

No it’s not, that’s just a bug in the docs.

If that’s not the reason in your case, can you show your code and wiring?


Yes I just copy and pasted the code from the docs page und the input was the right one.

I solved this problem:
after I reconnected, factory reseted and uploaded the sketch several times it works :smile:
I guess it was magic :slight_smile: but thx for your help anyway