Upload my firmware with red led

My last firmware sent to core has an error and loop with flashing red led
I’ve corrected my firmware but i’m unable to send to core
Is there a way to solve this issue without reset core?


Unless I’m mistaken you only have two options:

  1. Reset to factory firmware (which will unfortunately clear the CC3000’s wifi keys)
  2. Flash something over USB via the DFU mode

ok, i’ve always add this line to avoid this :smiley:

while(!Serial.available()) SPARK_WLAN_Loop();

I don’t think that’ll save you if your firmware causes a SOS before reaching that line

maybe but i use this as first…

Oh, don’t get me wrong. What you have is great. I prefer the “is D6 high” method so I don’t have to pull up my serial terminal everytime but what you have gets the job done!

can you please explain me this D6 method?


You do something like this:

    pinMode(D6, INPUT_PULLUP);
    while(digitalRead(D6) == LOW) SPARK_WLAN_Loop();

What that does is set D6 to an INPUT and activate the pullup resistor. It then says "As long as D6 is LOW (ie, you have a wire between D6 and GND) then do the WLAN_LOOP() otherwise continue.

You could also make it activate when D6 is high (like I suggested) by flipping LOW with HIGH above and INPUT_PULLUP with INPUT_PULLDOWN

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