Upgrade to latest version results in breathing magenta

Hi there,
I have a couple of photons running version 0.6.0
When trying to update them to 0.6.2 (or 0.6.1) they just breathe magenta forever and don’t update.
I tried using some empty code and the result is the same.
If I try to revert the 6.0 they behave normally.
Any idea of what is wrong?

@andyg, how are you updating them? Have you tried with CLI via USB using particle update?

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Hi @andyg,

We have a service we call the “safe-mode-updater” that didn’t alert us when it had an issue yesterday after some database maintenance. I’ve kicked that service this morning and this should be behaving itself again. Sorry about that!


trying to update via the cloud as they are in products with a customer…

Hi Dave, cool, they are fine now, a couple of frustrating hours online with the customer though! thanks andy