Updating OS via CLI - clarification

Have been having some issues with Argons using BLE and I2C to talk to a AW9523 LED driver. Keep getting things into weird states - e.g. Log.info stops working but Serial.println does. Can’t get a unit to listening mode, or can’t see it via USB but can via cloud or vice-versa. Just going in circles at time it seems. So I’m thinking I should re-flash the Device OS to 3.1 (most have shown up with 1.44) and looking at tutorial on how to do that with CLI (using Workbench- VSCode). I d/led the Argon binaries shown in picture.

Is this all that I need to flash? Should it be done in certain order?

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p.s. I have a phantom topic created when I tried to post to Troubleshooting which is apparently closed.

The easiest way to get a device to a known state is to use Device Restore USB | Tools | Particle.
It does everything you need - flashing the binaries can be tedious, but yes, you’d need the system parts, bootloader, and softdevice for Gen3.

Thanks - that’s basically what I needed. I came across this before but used the Workbench/CLI approach (particle update, particle flash --usb tinker) but that would land me at 2.10. I think there’s something you can do in Workbench to set the update version, but I didn’t chase it down. D/L’ed Chrome and used the tool and that works great. Had been trying to flash OS and app via Workbench/CLI but was ending up in weird states that I couldn’t seem to escape. Getting back to ground zero known state is what I need.

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It’s the best tool every :smiley:
I use it at least once a week.