Update Xenon Firmware via USB

Can the community guide me to a link showing how to update the Xenon’s firmware via USB.

I have an Electron whose firmware has been always updated via USB. However, in that case, when I connect the Electron to my USB, I can see that the PC recognizes it as a serial device. After that I gave the command:

       particle flash --serial firmware.bin

In the case of the Xenon, after plugging it in, the computer does not see it. Is there a different driver?

Thanks in advance for the help.

There are several reasons why a Xenon won’t communicate by serial:

  1. If you are using Windows, make sure you update the Particle CLI (current version is 1.36.0) using:
particle update-cli

Older versions don’t have drivers compatible with mesh devices. The Mac and Linux can communicate without a driver.

  1. A factory new Xenon does not have regular serial mode support (CDC). You need to upgrade the device first by DFU (blinking yellow) before it will have serial access.
particle flash --usb hybrid-0.8.0-rc.26-xenon.bin
  1. This isn’t the problem you’re seeing, but in normal operating mode (breathing cyan), a mesh device will not show up a serial device unless it calls Serial.begin(). Tinker does not, so a device running Tinker doesn’t show up a serial device. It will show up in listening mode (if the first two criteria are met, above).

Thank you very much @rickkas7. Updating the Particle CLI did it.

I attempted to connect an older xenon. i got it at spectre particle conference.

i could not get the phone app to connect for pushing new firmware os. the app just hung at 0% (latest android app)

i attempting to flash firmware from the site using cli. finding the right one for xenon mesh is not straightforward. perhaps you can help? the latest 1.0 seems to have nothing for xenon.

hybrid 0.8 rc25 xenon seems to flash successfully but i cannot enter the bluetooth phone mode. meaning holding setup button does not make the blue flashing.

hybrid 0.8 rc26 xenon seems to flash successfully but i get the sos red flashing with one red blink.

i couldn't find any other firmware that was useful.

please help. what is the correct latest xenon mesh firmware?


You most likely need to update the bootloader too.
You can try the steps outlined for the Xenon in this post