Update LED or button status real time on Android apps


Hi guys

I want to make an android app works like video I attached below without using HC-05 bluetooth module. I want to update LED status in Android app immediately after press button on the breadboard.

I’m now can control LED from Android app by Particle.function() quite easily. I did use the getCloud().getIntVariable to update LED status, but I want to make it more reliable like that video without refreshing the app.

Do you guys have any idea. Btw, I’m using Photon Particle

Thank you for your help


Best suggestion is that you get yourself a gen3 device that supports BLE. No doubt you could get a HC05 module to work with the Photon but you said you didn’t want to use that.


Dear @armor

Thank you for your information

However, for the idea I mentioned above, I did not mean using another BLE module for this project, I will also not use any other BLE modules. I want to deploy the advantage of Wifi of Photon Particle so I want to make the same in the video without using BLE modules.

Please kindly support for this case :slight_smile:

Thank you


There isn’t BLE support on the Photon - software or hardware. WiFi operates on the same 2.4GHz bands as Bluetooth but the protocols are different. Best you get an Argon or Xenon and install 1.3.0.rc.1.


@hitmanbaby2007 not sure if you have any iOS devices. Just released an article on the form how to get a Gen 3 device working with an app. Hopefully it will help in your quest to add Bluetooth to your project. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link:


Hi @jaredwolff

Thank you for your information

However, seems like I did make misunderstanding to all of you guys

Basically, I’m not want to communicate with Bluetooth at all !

All I want to use the advantage of Wifi of Photon with my Android device to update LED/button press status immediately or in realtime as the result in the video.

Thank you guys so much for your help