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My console was suddenly showing large number of function calls that I can’t identify. Beginning yesterday around 12:30 EDT some of my SSE nodes within NodeRed stopped receiving publications from a few devices within a product. About the same time I see an unusual number of function calls from devices spanning at least 2 products. I can not identify anything that would account for the function calls. The function calls are used only for device configuration or troubleshooting. The receiving SSE nodes are spread among 4 computers in different locations with 4 different ISPs. Now the event traffic is back to normal but only some of the SSE nodes are receiving the publications. All of the publications show up in the Particle console. I’m only seeing one rate limit notification in the console over multiple days. All of the devices have rate limiting within their programs. Some of these devices have been in operation over a year without issue. Has anyone else seen similar behavior?

Hey there, we’ve taken a look into our backend just to make sure this isn’t us, and we don’t see any signs of function calls generated by our system. From our logs, it looks very much like your software was generating these function calls.

In terms of the SSE failures, we saw a ton of requests from you for SSE at that time (the vast majority of them were 401s, likely from missing access tokens).

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@marekparticle Thanks for the update. Do your logs by chance record the IP address of the request?

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Mystery solved(almost). Thanks to the good detective work of @marekparticle I’ve been able to pinpoint the culprit computer. Fortunately, it is one under my control at my office! Most likely while making configuration changes a SSE subscription was missed and not configured properly. What I may never understand is how seemingly un-related devices were affected. Kudos to Particle support.


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