Unreliable Photon -- hardware or other issue?

I have two Photons posting temperature data to a server using the httpclient library.

The first is rock solid: it immediately connects to wifi, consistently flashes, and handles HTTP requests quickly.

The second is fickle. It takes its time connecting to wifi if it does all (flashing green, sometimes redx3 to cyan, etc…), flashing code is inconsistent, and HTTP requests succeed maybe 50% of the time. I’m often seeing:

HttpClient> Connection failed.
HttpClient> Response status: -1


HttpClient> Error: Timeout while reading response.
HttpClient> Status Code:
HttpClient> Error: Can’t find HTTP response body.

Both boards have identical code and hardware setups. Any idea why the second doesn’t like to play nice? I’ve reset it (when that was still possible via the firmware), run with safe mode, unclaimed/reclaimed the device, re-run the wifi setup procedures, run the keys doctor, reflashed the firmware. While the first board is posting successful HTTP requests nearly every second, the other board makes a successful request maybe every 5 to 10. Any ideas?


I guess you’ve tested both devices at the same location, but since you’ve not explicitly said so, I just thought better to check :wink:

Double check the antenna solder connection. Also, have you tried an external antenna on the problem Photon to troubleshoot?

Be sure to use system firmware 0.4.4 or later which defaults to the internal antenna, rather than switching between them.