Photon loose wifi


I’m using a photon to test and after some minutes the led starts to blink in green. I read that this is because loose wifi connection, but the wifi is working perfect

Anybody knows why this happens and if it’s possible to solve?



Read this,

Hi angelica,

I read it some days ao, and there is nothing that answer my problem, that’s why i publish here


Maybe you aren’t seeing the point how this would help, but with your nondescript error report it’s hard to tell, so the common inference based on that would be that your code is blocking the cloud connection, forcing it into a timeout.
If you show your code we might be able to help.

Hi Scruffr

Thank’s for your answer, Reviewing the code I saw that the sum of the delays was one second less that the loop time, so I added plus time in the loop, and now seems that the photon did not hung.

Thanks for your help

This helped me a lot. I had a similar problem.

After setting my photon to safe mode, I was able to upload the firmware again and now everything works fine again.