Understanding Electron Current in Sleep Network Standby Mode

General question here - I have a National Instruments DAQ setup to measure the current draw from the LiPo battery on an Electron. I’ve set it up this way because I don’t have a current scope probe. I am able to see a time-based graph of the current draw and am curious on where these 90 mA current spikes are coming from while in SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY mode. They occur every 110 ms.

Is is the STM32F205 micro, U-Blox cellular module, BQ24195, regulator, MAX17043 fuel gauge?

If you average the y-values in this time graph out, you get an approximate constant DC current: 10 mA

Obviously, this measurement method is not the best because of the resolution, but still curious on what circuit these spikes come from.

Hi, Did you ever work out what it was? I was thinking it was the battery charging module??

I would bet it’s the cellular modem in sleep standby mode staying connected to the network.

A quick way to test this is sleep without the Sleep Network Standby mode.

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@ric_hard I would like to agree with @RWB 's answer (Cellular module). I will run a test this weekend to do regular sleep and also sleep network standby. Was hoping someone from Particle would eventually answer this, but they probably didn’t see it.

We can always ping @tylercpeacock or @rickkas7

I believe it’s the cellular module. I see those spikes as well in SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY mode, but current is flat in pure SLEEP_MODE_DEEP.

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