Current peaks during sleep (Electron)

Dear All,

everything is going pretty well and I love the Electron.

But currently I’m observing some peak current draws while sleeping.

System mode is set to semi:
and I (currently) never connect to cloud or 2g (LED is never green)

I go to sleep with

and I still see some current peaks about every 900ms:

Anybody knows what this is?

@derchris does that graph only represent the current draw from the Electron? Are there any other peripherals or sensors connected to that power source/graph that might draw power? If there are, are those peripherals connected directly to the power bus or via an Electron power pin?

@ninjatill It represents the Electron’s current draw w/o any peripherals attached

The first time you cold boot an Electron in SEMI_AUTOMATIC or MANUAL mode you need to turn the modem on before going to sleep. This is counter-intuitive, but putting the modem to sleep is done by sending AT commands at it, so if you don’t turn it on, it stays half-awake because it doesn’t get the command to sleep.

Note that you only need to do this on cold boot. I use a retained variable to know this. If the modem was previously asleep it will stay asleep.

This post is for SLEEP_MODE_DEEP but it also applies to stop mode sleep with cellular off.