Ubidots Library "Verification" Procedure

Hello Particle Team!

We have been reviewing the “Verifed Library” section from Particle’s Docs, and are very interested in what is needed to become a Particle Verified Library? As you may know, the Ubidots Library continues to grow with already a 20K plus uses, and more of our users switching to Particle all the time. Please advise any requirements or feedback as to how Ubidots’ HTTP Library can become “verified”.

Thank you in advance,

Maria Hernandez - Hardware Engineer @Ubidots

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Coincidentally, this was asked a couple of days ago by the folks at Blynk:

@bsatrom seems like the person to get in touch with :slight_smile:

Hi Maria, I see you added the verification.txt, thanks. I’ll take a look at your library this week and will let you know if I have any questions or feedback.



I’m happy to read that, thanks! :grinning:


Hi @mariahernandez I was looking at your library, and while the source looks good, it appears that the library has not been published to our libraries repository. I know you reference including it in your docs, I searched for it in both build (the web ide) and the CLI and am not seeing it. Did you all un-publish the library for some reason?

@bsatrom, the library tied to this GitHub repo is published in Web IDE

That may be, but using instructions provided in the verification.txt, I can’t search for it…


Is this perhaps an issue on our (Particle’s) end?

I had such instances before and logging out and in and/or clearing the IDE cash and/or the browser cache did actually reveal the presence of formerly not found libraries.
No idea where that comes from, but it does happen (and has been brought to Particle’s attention ages ago :wink: )

Interesting… thanks @ScruffR!

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Hey @bsatrom,

You are not able to visualize it because the name assigned is “Ubidots”, not “Udibots:smiley: If you have any other doubt, please let me know!

Thanks @ScruffR for keep bsatrom updated!

All the best,
Maria C.


🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 how silly of me, and embarrassing! My middle boy mixes up his d’s and b’s as he’s learning to read, and I suppose now I know where I get it from. My apologies! :smiley:

I’ll finish up the evaluation now.


Hi @mariahernandez I have been testing out the library and I have a couple of pieces of feedback:

  • Your set-up doc doesn’t say much about how to create devices or variables, or where to find the token needed in your firmware. I think it would be helpful to include pointers to or some text around specifically to help folks out.

  • There are a few places in the examples where you need variable ids and labels, device labels, etc. and the set-up doc also doesn’t say much about including those. That would be another helpful addition.

  • I notice that you do have one open issue (from @ScruffR) in your GitHub repo, with the last response from him. If that’s fixed, can you close the issue? Otherwise, please make sure to address it soon.

I’m going to go ahead and mark your library as verified, but please do follow-up on these three issues as soon as you are able to do so.

  • Brandon

FYI, Ubidots is officially verified.



Hi @bsatrom,

Thanks for the feedback. The setup doc and the README are already updated with the links attached to the following keys: token, variables labels, and variables IDs, in order to provide information to the users of how they can find the parameters required for the library!

Referring to the third point mentioned, the author of the library (@jotathebest) already make the changes in order to solved the issue opened, and it’s closed now.

Btw, thanks for getting the library verified so quickly! :star_struck:

All the best,
Maria C.


Hi there @bsatrom, the issues reported by @ScruffR were solved in the last release. I have just closed the opened issues threads. If you believe that something else must be changed, just let me know.

Thanks for your help.

All the best

Great, thanks @mariahernandez and @jotathebest!

My pleasure!