How to get Blynk library "Verified"

Hi Particle team, Pavel from Blynk here.

How we can get Blynk library verified to see it in the list as shown below. We would love to get this nice badge close to our name.

Blynk is pretty popular library among Particle community if we look at the numbers, It’s actually #3 :raised_hands:. Of course we can’t compete with native libs, but would love to see Blynk right after neopixel )

Could you please explain the verification process and how libraries are ranged?



The basic requirements for a verified library are here:

The libraries are in three groups, Particle, verified, and everything else, and within each group they’re ordered by number of apps that use that library.

Thanks for clarification. We will work on verification.txt

After we upload what’s missing, is it manual process or automated?

2. The library has been reviewed for quality. The library compiles on all relevant hardware platforms and performs as intended.

What’s the review process?

Update. We actually have verifications.txt added for a while.

Documentation link is also there.


:+1: would love Blynk library to be highlighted

I think most people beginning would appreciate this given most hobbyist and new coders use bylnk in their projects. I may be biased though… one less step I guess…

87K mic drop


We fulfilled basic requirements for verified library. What should be the next step?

We have a new person coming up to speed on the library validation process. I’ll have him get in contact with you soon.


Awesome. Thanks!

Hey @Escko just wanted to let you know that we’ve reviewed blink and officially marked the library as verified!


Have a great weekend!



Thanks! :heart_eyes:

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Whoa, that was really :zap:️quick!
Thank you!

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You’re welcome!