Ubidots Integration: Getting Data on Dashboard via Webhooks

Hi -

I just did that , but this time I have use the integration ubitdots not the custom integration :

I have deactivate the old one and redo the setup on the new one, but nothing for now.


Can you see any errors under the webhook section?


This is even weirder... is the webhook name in you code the same as you actual web hook's name?

You mean this thingy ?

I have change the name twice, one with Ubidots and this one

Yea - this seems fine. You are setting the webhook that should be triggered to "Ubidots" which is the name of your webhook.

Providing you entered all the data (Auth tokens etc) correctly, it blows my mind as to why this is not working

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:joy: :joy:

Here is what I have :

The weird thing is that when I use the webhook dedicated to the ubidots website, it doesn't work but when I use the custom one I get this, what a mess ...

hi Nayel -

Let me try to het my head around this, hopefully someone else can chime in as well. Let me know if you manage to solve this in the meantime.

Hi @friedl_1977 ,

Sure ! Thank you for your time !

Best regards !

No problem, happy to help... hopefully we can solve this!!

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Maybe try to reach out to some folks on the @Ubidots forum as well, they are quite helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi @friedl_1977,

So I visited the Ubidots forum and they have found the solutions. The problem was this little space. :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

Now it's working as expected. Thank you for your help throughout the process, and I'm sorry for the trouble.


Oh my word, well done it getting it right!! :rofl:

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