Typical current draw for RTC in sleep (Photon / P1)?

Hi guys,

We’re working with the P1 module and trying to select an appropriate battery size for the RTC (our application requires the clock be kept accurate so the device can collect timestamped data without Wifi).

I see in the datasheet reference section (on Particles website) that the max Ivbat current is 19 uA which is quite high and would require a very sizable battery to get the storage time we need. Is this 19 uA actually an absolute maximum as the datasheet would seem to suggest? If so, anyone know what the typical Ivbat would be for either the P1 module or standard Photon (should both be the same I would imagine)?

We’re hoping to get by with a super-cap instead of a battery to avoid hassles with shipping restrictions but that may not be possible if the typical current draw is that high.


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@solarplug I’m facing a similar issue.

What did you guys end up doing?