Photon RTC / VBAT typical power consumption

What is the typical power consumption for Photon’s RTC / VBAT?
(I know I’ve seen some numbers in other discussions, but can’t seem to find it.)

The datasheet only lists the max but doesn’t have values for minimum or typical:

| Parameter                   | Symbol | Min | Typ | Max | Unit |
| Supply Input Current (VBAT) | IVBAT  | x   | x   | 19  | uA   |

Also, anybody knows what factors would cause the current to be higher/lower?

The supplied voltage would make it go lower… but I don’t really know by how much.
I suspect that the 19uA goes with the max allowed voltage on that pin ( 3.6v if I recall correctly ).

it might be a real pain to measure the actual current… since it’s so low… maybe Dave’s micro current meter would do it ?

Just checking in to see if anyone has had good current readings for the VBAT?

I read in another form that @chap measured around 3uA, but just wanted to see if anyone else can correlate those results?

This would be for the STM32 boards (Photon, P1, e0 LTE)