Two sets of Wi-Fi credentials

Is there a way I could implement two sets of Wi-Fi credentials so that if the first one fails to connect the core would try a second set of credentials ?

And then go back to the first if that fails.

That is already baked into the Core.
It remembers up to seven sets of credentials and if you add an eighth one the first one gets discarded.


Oh I didn’t realize that. How do I enter the multiple connection details ?

You can put your Core into listening mode by pressing the MODE button till the RGB LED starts blinking blue.
Then you can either do it via USB and a serial terminal program like PuTTY (once you are connected press “w”) or via your mobile phone (phone connected to the new network and then SmartConfig).

Okay thanks - I have another router in the post, I will try it when it arrives.

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I had no idea thank you so much I am going to try that out. I take my prototypes from my house to our lab and knowing this will save me some grief

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My router arrived and it works great switching between networks.

Its a pity there is no way to get access to the stored Wi-Fi profiles so I could list the SSID names.
Perhaps the Photon will allow this ?