Trying to upgrade original Core (Kickstarted ed) to latest Device OS

I’m trying to update the firmware version of an original Core from the initial Kickstarter campaign. I was able to set it up using particle doctor and everything is working fine, and I can compile and send programs OTA.

But the web IDE still shows “Device OS: Unknown”, “Serial Number: Unknown”, and Health Check / Last Vitals says I need to upgrade to Device OS 0.8 or higher; see screenshot below.

I already tried going incrementally flashing blinky version by version (0.5, 0.6, etc), but no difference.

Any ideas how to force an upgrade? Or is it because the Core is too old, and there’s no recent update for it?

ps: the PCB says “Spark Core v1.0”.

There is no need to incrementally flash, since the Core only has monolithic firmware (device OS and application in one single binary).
Only modular device OS’ may require the intermediate steps.

Device vitals are not supported on the Core in any version as they would take up too much of the already sparce space on the device.
With anything past 0.8 you are left with very little flash for your application code as it is already.

That’s also part of the reason why the Core is not officially supported anymore.
IIRC, TI has also stopped support for the CC3000 (WiFi chip on the Core) years ago.


Ah, got it. This makes perfect sense, thank you!