Trying to connect to wifi

Dear friends
We are trying to setup photon1 device. We have tested every possible way such as:
Setup with website platform
Flashing bin files with particle cli in different versions such as 2.3.1/3.3.1/3.3.0/4.0.0
But we couldn’t connect the device to our wifi and couldn’t add it to particle cloud
We installed needed driver such as winusb and libusbk
We even flashed bin files for p1 and device shutdown after that
Plz inform us if there is an other way

The status LED progresses from blinking green, to fast blinking green, blinking cyan, fast blinking cyan, to breathing cyan. How far does it get?

Can you get a log from web device doctor?

What kind of network are you connecting to? Particle devices cannot connect to a network with a captive portal (where you need to agree to terms or enter a username or password in a web page). For the Photon 1, connecting to a network with WEP authentication is very difficult. If there are outbound firewall restrictions on the network, see cloud services and firewalls.

After flashing in dfu mode it becoming blinking green and after initial serial wifi led status becomes breathing blue, I’ve tested connecting to wifi with wpa/wpa2 and nonsecure/ I’ve tested particle doctor but still error in verification of device

If you're getting to blinking green but not fast blinking green or blinking cyan, your Wi-Fi access point is not allowing access to the Particle device. This is why the log from the web device doctor can be helpful in figuring out why.

Are you able to connect to a phone hotspot instead of your actual network? That can be a good debugging technique.

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Actually i did try the phone hotspot but still breathing blue

Do you mean breathing dark blue or light blue (cyan)?

The web device doctor troubleshooting firmware should never go into breathing dark blue unless there's a hardware failure.

after wifi serial command led is breathing darkblue, let me upload the picture.