Trouble with AssetTrackerRK

I have been use AssetTrackerRK successfully for 6 months. Today when I try to compile a number of applications that I’ve made no changes to, I get the following error:

“lib/AssetTrackerRK/TinyGPS++.h:670:2: control reaches end of non-void function [-Werror=return-type]”

It’s likely I’m missing something simple, but the code hasn’t been modified from what has worked in the past.

Any suggestions are most welcome!

Seems to be a missing return statement in a function that states it would (non-void).

The reason for this building before but not now is that this “code-smell” was ignored before but as it may (will) lead to erroneous behaviour is now actively flagged by the compiler.

I published version 0.4.2 to correct this issue.

0.4.2 (2021-10-13)

  • Fixed compile error when building for Device OS 3.1 or later.
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Thanks for the quick response and speedy resolution!
Seems to be working well.

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