Trouble staying connected to Orbi router

We have several photons connected around the world with great connection rates. We have one photon that is installed and paired with an orbi router that is connected to ATT U-verse.

There is something different about the Orbi that is causing the photon to flash cyan. We unplug the device and replug it and the photon will reconnect to the cloud.

Anyone else having trouble with a photon staying connected with an Orbi router?

Does this router also have a 5GHz band with the same SSID?
If so, try renaming or deactivating the 5GHz network.
You may also try to deactivate wide bands (40kHz) and restrict to narrow band (20kHz).

Also, what system version have you got on your Photon?
How long is the lease time on the router?
Have you got any devices on that router with static IPs?

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I don’t have an Orbi but looking at what one is I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Photons don’t like them.