Trouble installing Windows Driver

I’ve got several photons and there are 3 of them that are blinking an orange color. So I thought I’d plug them in and try to reset them. I’m running Windows 7 which I do most of my development work on. I tried to install the windows driver and it installed okay but when I plugged in the Photon, it said the driver was not detected. I tried a manual install but to no avail I couldn’t find the inf file anywhere. So I reinstalled it again. It did it again. I then went and got my Windows 7 computer that was on the 3D Printer and installed the same driver… and it did the exact same thing. I like to pride myself as being fairly capable developer but for some reason I can’t get this driver installed. I’ve gone through the tips and read about placing it in DFU mode but the DFU utility can’t detect a USB DFU compliant port. I’m in a corner. Anyone with any ideas of where to get the drivers so I can manually install them? Thanks!

Excuse the dumb suggestion, but can you try another USB cable (if you haven’t already)?

Can you post a video of your blinking codes?