Trigger dfu programming from listen mode via serial

I know you check version and “v” and set-up WiFi “w” via serial. Is there a way to trigger dfu mode via the serial in the initial listen mode out of the box?

I haven’t tried if from listenong mode, but normally setting the COM baudrate to 14400 puts the device into DFU mode

Yup. I just checked it and connecting at 14400 baud will invoke DFU mode even when in listening mode.

I am working on windows there a serial program you recommend.

You can use PuTTY, but I just use this mode COMx 14400 (where COMx is your devices COM port) in the command line

Why does Particle still use 14400 as the baud rate? 19200 is a much better baud rate because it is more compatible for Linux and more memorable.

You need to ask Particle that.
On the other hand, why does Linux not support 14400? :wink:

Why would 19200 be more memorable?
120² = 14400
28800 / 2 = 14400 (28800 = YModem Mode :wink: )

Granted 19200 is more common, but exactly that may be part of the decission - use a less common one (but still standard) to keep interference with other stuff at a minimum