Force DFU using usb

Hi there,
I am having to remotely recover a photon in a customers product that has lost it’s credentials and device key. :rage:
Is there any way I can trigger DFU mode over usb? so that the customer does not have to be asked to do this?
(non technical customers seem to find it hard to perform the DFU mode procedure)

You can set the USB Serial baudrate to 14400 - but for that the device would need to be recognized as serial device first.

In Windows you could do that with

mode COMx 14400

You mentioned that you used macOS in the past. You can put a device into dfu mode with:

ls -1 /dev/cu.* | grep "usbmodem" # Find device(s)
stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodemxxxx 14400 # Put device in DFU mode
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excellent thanks

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