CLI Production Problems

I’m designing production test program in which require to setup Wifi and install program automatically.

But need 2 CLI function:

  1. How to enter DFU mode over CLI, without pressing any Reset or Setup buttons?
  2. How to setup wifi directly over CLI without go through scanning? e.g. particle setup wifi “SSID” “Password”


You can do both if that even without CLI just with a serial monitor (e.g. PuTTY).

If you set the baudrate to 14400 you can trigger DFU mode.
If you can get your device into Listening Mode, send w to the device to prompt you for the WiFi credentials, but with the network not present or hidden, you need to set security and encryption cipher too.

28800 enters YModem Mode for firmware upload.
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to exist such a handy way to enter Listening Mode, but you could add such a part into your program that exposed a way to call WiFi.listen(); or WiFi.setCredentials() directly.