Translate the Koyn Library

I received a request from Noor Hashem on the Hackster portal. Noor is interested in your opinion on the use of Bitcoin and, consequently, the desire to make an existing library for Arduino also available for particle devices.
a.) In your opinion, which IoT projects are suitable for the use of Bitcoin / Blockchain?
b.) is anyone interested in adopting the existing library and delivering it to the Particle community?

Me (Noor Hashem) and my team are working on a development board for connecting hardware to the blockchain, you can consider it the Arduino for the blockchain. We see many potential use cases and we would like to know what do you think?
As someone into IoT and Hardware, What use cases that connects IoT applications to the blockchain to form new cool products or projects?
We started now with launching a software library that integrates bitcoin transactions into hardware projects and you can check this vending machine that accepts bitcoin using the library:

The full tutorial:
The Software Library: