Tracking how much data is being used when flashing over OTA

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a way to check how much data is being used to send your program to an Electron over the OTA flash. We have the 5MB plan and we have exceeded the data limit even though our sending of data should last us a whole year. Thank you for your time

Some info I had saved about data consumption when sending data.

Just for the record, but there seems to be a slight data overhead for OTA flashing. The past couple of weeks I have been OTA flashing firmware (about 27kB) nearly every single day. It actually consumes between 29 and 35kB to do this (unsure where the variability comes from; as sometimes very little changes about the firmware size)

One bit of variability is retransmission. OTA flash sends all of the chunks rapidly. Sometimes not all of the chunks make it to the device, so those are retransmitted. Unfortunately, since the data did hit the cellular network, they’re still counted as data usage,