Size of data use for Electron OTA programming

I have not received my Electron, it will arrive tomorrow. What is the size of a simple program to demonstrate publishing an event? How much of my data will it take to upload each time OTA? Of course a simple blink demo is much smaller. Does the IDE tell me before it sends it? Can you give me an estimate?

I am asking because it appears I will not need to follow these steps to save a few pennies of data usage cost. I think I can debug my code in only a few iterations because it is simple.

Thanks in advance!

This code compiles to this:

Hope that helps :)!

Wow! So only <4k for the cost of the OTA programming data.

@sbright33, actually, no. The size of the user app is entirely dependent on what you put in there. @Moors7 was only presenting an example.

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I get it thanks! Was curious about the size of a small demo sketch.

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