Tower Location/Trianglation with Boron?

Does the locator library work with Boron? I integrated it into my code and it never calls out to the Webhook.

I get this in the logs:
0001099649 [] TRACE: > AT+CGED=5
0001099978 [] TRACE: < ERROR
0001099979 [] TRACE: > AT+CGED=3
0001099984 [] TRACE: < ERROR
0001099984 [] TRACE: > AT+UDOPN=9
0001100014 [] TRACE: < +UDOPN: 6,"AT&T"
0001100015 [] TRACE: < OK

which looks suspiciously like the modem is erroring when the library asks for the tower info. But the modem obviously exports this data since it is available in the particle web console.

code is:

#include "locator.h"


Locator locator;

void setup() {

void loop()

Thoughts or ideas? Do I need to delve into the library deeper to add support for Boron?

Hey @mfarver,

Unfortunately the modems on our LTE Boron SKUs do not have support for the AT command set required for the locator library.

If this is a requirement for your use case, you may take a look at our Tracker series. In addition to an onboard GPS, they also support geolocation via nearby WiFi access points as well as from local cell towers. We have a cloud-based service called Location Fusion that will combine data from all of these sources and provide an improved accuracy fix.

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Does B SOM work with the library? Or solely tracker (which is a significantly more expensive option)?

Unfortunately, the BSOM uses the same modem as the Borons, so the same applies. The Tracker line uses a different modem, and therefore is the only option for supporting this functionality. It does so out of the box, however, and does not require this library.

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