[Toolchain] Windows

Tested on Windows XP

Path setting

Your PATH variable in Windows should look like:

xxxxxxx;C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\4.9 2015q1\bin;C:\MinGW;C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin;C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin

  • cd to the firmware directory followed by main

  • try make clean all v=1


You can also download a simple installer by @mumblepins here: Toolchain for Windows Installer

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What if we don’t have access to fw-private like you do? There’s no main/ folder in the primary firmware repo.

What about compiling for Photon? Does this allow that?


Use the latest branch.

What header include paths should I use for Core and Photon so that Visual Studio IntelliSense matches this toolchain?
Every firmware inc folder I can find?

Just the root folder and it should included all the sub-folders?

NMake in Visual Studio does not include subfolders, apparently. I’ve got C:\Particle\Firmware\Code\communication\src;C:\Particle\Firmware\Code\hal\inc;C:\Particle\Firmware\Code\hal\shared;C:\Particle\Firmware\Code\services\inc;C:\Particle\Firmware\Code\system\inc;C:\Particle\Firmware\Code\wiring\inc just to get rid of missing header file errors, but I can’t get rid of 70 IntelliSense syntax errors in the included header files. I’m guessing that’s because GCC allows different syntax than VC++, so IntelliSense is useless. If I ignore the errors it’s fine, except that in my own code Spark. calls get red underlines.

The only reason I’m using the Windows toolchain instead of Particle Dev is that I need to compile for the local cloud.
Visual Studio is better than nothing, but… for the toolchain on Windows what IDE do you recommend?

hello @kennethlimcp , what if I got is permission denied?

You get this message when you do what exactly? Knowing this would help.

But you can always try a user with an account with Admin privileges.

@syauqy you can try running the CMD as administrator (right click on the exe)

Hi all, I followed the above instruction but after that I am getting following errors…

same thing happens with xxd file

Please help


It’s a long time since I’ve set up my system, but I had a similar issue (stat.exe stopped working) which was rooted in a wrong setup in my environment.

Unfortunately I can’t remember what I did to correct it, but checking your PATH and other environment variables might help.