TMC2208 stepper drivers <SOLVED>

Hi -

Has anyone maybe had any success in using the combination of TMC2208 and Photon to driver stepper motors?

I have no problem when using DRV8825 drivers, but the TCM range came highly recommended as an upgrade, but I have had no luck.

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The entire TMC range of drivers work extremely well. In my humble opinion, a better option than the DRV drivers I have been using as they are whisper quiet and offer a larger range of current rating right up to 2.8A in the TCM5160 driver. I found these to work equally well with - or without a CNC shield / break out board. I have included the TCM5160 and TCM2808 drivers in my latest project placed directly onto a custom PCB driving NEMA234 dual shaft steppers. – I hope this helps someone –