Using the Easy Driver

I have gotten Brian Schmalz Easy Driver and I can not seem to find anything that will actually control my stepper. It is a simple stepper from a CD player, I am trying to make a mini CNC machine.

Has anyone used this stepper driver or done anything like this with the Photon. I have searched for days and have only found CNC.js which needs Grbl which I can not find a way to get Grbl to work on the Photon.

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Have you looked at the tutorial here on SparkFun?

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Thank You, I will give that a try.

That one did not seem to work for me, but I looked at SparkFuns instructions HERE

and they seemed to work pretty good.
Now I just have to figure out how to make it do CNC Machine type things… like draw a circle or square to start. Lol