Timeline for Mobile App Update?

Just wanted to know what the timeline might be for a mobile app upgrade that allows setup
of 3rd party SIM with mesh capability (outside U.S.). I live in Canada and have connectivity with Telus IOT, and would like to use mesh functions without using an ethernet Featherwing.


There is currently no timeline for 3rd-party SIM setup in the mobile app. However you can now set up a Boron with a 3rd-party SIM over USB without the Ethernet FeatherWing:


And the LTE Cat M1 with the Particle SIM will be supported in Canada and Mexico soon. It will work with all of the existing LTE devices including the Boron LTE and E Series LTE.

Hi rickkas7,

Thanks so much for directing me to this post, I thought I’d searched the forums thoroughly
enough to find something like this, but apparently not. Just an aside, is this a “new” procedure that was only recently supported?

Many thanks!

Hi John,

This setup method became possible with our Mesh CLI update on March 20th. The release topic dating this can be found here at Mesh and USB commands in the CLI

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Thanks for the info. I have found it all works as advertised, at least initially. My Boron functions properly for about the first minute, after which it becomes unresponsive to ping attempts.

I have re-programmed the Boron numerous times, created new networks, etc., but the result is still the same, the end result being that the mesh functions continue to be unavailable for my hardware. BTW, I am using a Telus IOT sim card. Everything works fine until I associate the Boron with a network, after which it craps the bed after a minute or so.

Maybe I need to adjust keepalive?

Any thoughts?

Yes, that is exactly what happens when the keep-alive is not set properly.

Note that when you’re using a 3rd-party SIM card, you must not only set it on the Boron gateway, but also on every Xenon in the mesh network. The reason is that each Xenon has its own separate cloud connection that needs to be kept alive.

Okay, I’ll set it up and see how it goes, and thanks again for taking the time to help me out.


Already using the Boron LTE in Mexico with Particle SIM :grinning: